Forthcoming. Note. 'Compensatory Preliminary Damages' in CUNY Law Review (Winter 2024).

2023. Article. 'Future Bias and Regret' in Logic and Philosophy of Time.

2022. Article. 'Epistemic Isomorphism' in Metaphilosophy.

2021. Note. 'Great Risks from Small Benefits Grow' in Philosophia.

2020. Chapter in Ed. Volume. 'Future Bias and Presentism' in The Metaphysics of Time: Themes from Prior

2020. Note. 'The Argument from Sideways Music' in Thought: A Journal of Philosophy.

2019. Chapter in Ed. Volume. 'B-Theory and Time Biases' in Logic and Philosophy of Time: Further Themes from Prior

About Me


I earned my PhD in Philosophy at UC Irvine (Dec. 2023), where I am also a JD candidate (May 2024).

My dissertation, "Ways to Reform the Law," is the first step in my interdisciplinary research agenda. It contains three proposals that concretely address major concerns in the philosophy of law: one on achieving greater fairness between unequally wealthy parties in civil litigation by changing how courts award damages, another on imposing tort liability for special cases of risk impositions without requiring the risk to materialize, and the last on justifying differential punishment in criminal law that involves rejecting the merger doctrine.

Before the dual-degree program at Irvine, I received my masters in philosophy from Northern Illinois University and my bachelors in philosophy from Berea College. Outside of philosophy and law, I spend my free time playing soccer. I'm also an avid surfer and snowboarder!

I have wide-ranging philosophical and legal interests. Philosophy-wise, I'm interested in risk and luck, especially "pure risk" and "moral luck," but also the philosophy of criminal and tort law. Previously, I focused on the philosophy of time, especially the phenomenon of time bias. Law-wise, I'm interested in litigation, civil and criminal procedure, rules of evidence, and remedies, especially equitable relief.


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